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Hello everyone! With naxx on the horizon i thought i'd begin compiling a comprehensive guide of the fights starting with the spider wing. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as these guides take quite a while to put together.


The most common ''first'' boss in the dungeon and one of the fights requiring some co-ordination to pull off. Starting the fight with anub there are two crypt guards that should be tanked where they stand. in total 5 tanks are needed for this fight though only 3 need to actually be tanks while the other 2 can be fury warrs in prot gear.

Crypt Guards

Crypt Guards will cleave almost in a complete circle around them so melees have to stack at a mark directly behind the mob while bursting them down. The guards are stunable and should be stunlocked at 30%ish as they enrage at low %.
They also do an aoe net attack so melees need to be positioned before that happens to avoid being locked in place and cleaved to death in a net. The net can be removed by Blessing of Freedom, Escape Artist or Free Action Potion. A new Crypt Guard spawns after every Locust Swarm the boss does. Their auto attacks leave a stacking poison DoT at the tank that should be swapped after every 4-5 applications depending on the tank's survivability. During the original two adds the first one to go down might be without a single tank swap due to high dps/stunlocks, but even so a tank swap might be needed if the stuns are off.

Corpse Scarabs

When ever any character dies during this fight they spawn corpse scarabs, 5 for each player death and 10 for each Crypt Guard. That goes without saying that player deaths here will cause a wipe as an excessive amount of these
can snowball the fight. The scarabs can be cc'd like hunt-trap slowed nova'd, cone'd and taunted in conventional ways. But the bulk of these would be the ranged's job to finish off as they can easily gang up on a melee once they are
nova'd and kill it, spawning more scarabs.


Dpsing the boss is done after all adds are dead. Anub has two abilities Locust Swarm (witch we will talk about later) and Impale.

-Impale targets a random raid member and sends spikes damaging that player
and all players between anub and that player for around 4k dmg and tosses them high in the air. Now if you don't regen some health while in the air in any way (healthstone, heal pot, some fast heal, BoP) you will most probably die from
fall damage unless your health is in high 6000s. This ability cannot be completely countered but can be controlled by spreading around anub's back in a crescent (both melee and ranged/healers) in such a way that the most that an impale
can hit is a maximum of 5 people in each. The ability has a range of around 35 yards and can still be cast towards you impaling people of the way to you even if you do get to outrange it you might not get impaled but others will.

-Locust swarm is the most important phase of the fight and pulling off the kiting it requires is key to downing the boss. Every 70-120 seconds Anub will perform a very distinct animation (much like he's bowing or raising his tail) that
means he's begun casting locust swarm. At that point a new crypt guard spawns and all dps fall back to deal with it while the main tank proceeds with kiting the boss around the edges of the room over the green ring. With them will be a
hunter in their group with aspect of the pack to keep them mobile who will be further down the kiting path within range for the pack to work but far from the boss. The tank will enivitably take some stacks like 1-2 but these can be
healable by pre-hots and a pre-shield. The kiting is in two stages with the boss starting at 12oclock the tank runing at 3oclock and waiting for the boss to properly begin moving then moving at the same time with the boss outside of
the locust's range to 6oclock. This is done to avoid running too far and cause the boss to skip through the green ooze bringing it closer to dps/healers who should be positioned at the other far side of the room. by the time the boss
reaches the other side the locust ends and it resumes attacking the main tank. The dps at the time should be on the newly spawned crypt guard, and once it is dead and the scarabs it will spawn are dead they can return to dpsing the boss.
If done correctly it should allow for 45seconds of dps on the boss.

Now i know this a lot to take in by reading it so i will provide a couple of videos one will be explaining tactics the other is a tank's PoV on the fight to better help you understand what you need to do.

So to sum it up, What do i do?


-Main Tank: You need to perform the kite perfectly watching out for the Locust Swarm kite animation and running around the edge of the room in a manner that will spare you from multiple stacks of locust but also keep the boss's
pathing correct at the same time. Keep in mind that while locust swarm silences you, items such as swiftness potions and trinkets such as Lifegiving Gem can still be used while silenced.
-Offtanks: You will be paired in groups of 2 at the start of the fight each tanking a crypt guard. Your job is to turn them away from the melees and keep it stationary once they position themselves around the add, also you need
to taunt off each other at 4-5 stacks (subject to change depending on the tank's survivability). After first two adds are down two tanks become obsolete and can resume dpsing the boss/picking up the scarabs when they spawn
if needed. New crypt guards should be instantly picked up whenever they spawn in the same manner.


-Main Tank Heals: Your job even during the first adds phase is to be in range of the main tank, stay spread so you dont all get impaled at the same time. During locust your job is to run to the oposite side of the room where the
locust is supposed to end and try to snipe a heal or two at the tank running towards you without risking getting in range of the swarm itself.
-Raid Healers: Your job is to keep offtanks alive during add phases, ranged dps alive during scarabs and save the melees from cleaves. During boss phase you should be spread and assist the main tank healers while at the same time
heal people that get thrown in the air by impales quickly so they don't die from fall damage.


-Melees: Your job is to stack at a designed mark behind the adds bursting them down, avoid cleaves and stun the crypt guard when he is positioned correctly. During boss phase you will need to disengage when the raid leader calls you and prepare for the next Crypt Guard spawn.
-Ranged: Your job is to dps the crypt guards and control the corpse scarabs spawning from either them or dead players. They are weak to just about any kind of CC in the book so you can nova them and aoe them down. During boss
phase when the raid leader calls you will disengage and prepare for the next Crypt Guard spawn. Please not that as ranged the corpse scarabs have priority over anything (even the boss itself) and the moment any spawn for any reason should be instantly CC'd so keep an eye out.


-Hunter: The designated hunter's job is very easier than the tank's. You will need to stand behind the tank at around 3oclock in the ring in such a way that you wont risk getting impaled with the tank in a direct line between you
and the boss as to not impale the tank as well. Once locust starts you will switch to aspect of the pack and run in the same manner as the main tank but some meters ahead of them just in range of the pack. Ringe and repeat until
the boss is dead. Please note that it is imperative you survive, without pack the tank won't be able to outrun the boss causing a wipe.

Raid Leader's Tips: To avoid confusion here's what you need to call out that will help.
Crypt Guard swaps should NOT be called out by the RL tanks can do it themselves.
Stunlocks on Crypt Guards should be called out when the ranged are positioned correctly.
Ranged should be notified about the presence of scarabs from any source by the raid lead only to avoid too much noise on the coms.
Raid Lead should notify the raid when locust swarm is casting so the DPS can disengage.
Impales are random and cannot be controled so avoid trying to call them out unless it is one that accidentaly hit the main tank/kiting hunter or one of the offtanks.
Combat Res should be saved for the hunter or one of the offtanks (you have 4 offtanks so later in the fight it shouldnt even be needed).
If the main tank dies wipe it fast the boss in not tauntable.

And that's about it, please leave some feedback below so i can adapt in case there's something i missed or something you need clarified.
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