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Hello again guys, this time we will cover Grand Widow Faerlina, the second boss in the spider wing. This fight is without a doubt one of the easier and faster encounters in
the dungeon and has only a few things that you need to watch out for.

Grand Widow Faerlina.

The second boss in the spider wing. This fight is without a doubt one of the easier and faster encounters in
the dungeon and has only a few things that you need to watch out for. The fight consists of Grand Widow Faerlina herself and six adds.

Two Naxxramas Followers.

These adds are rather squishy having roughly around 100k hp and can charge around the room, they should be bursted down on pull while the main tank positions the boss.
They also aoe silence periodically so they should be tanked far from the caster group.

Four Naxxramas Worshipers.

These adds should not be touched as they play a part on removing the Enrage from Grand Widow Faerlina later on. They should be tanked in a corner by two designated tanks for the entire fight.

Grand Widow Faerlina.

During the fight she uses three distinct abilities, Poison Bolt Volley, Rain of Fire and Enrage.
The Rain of Fire is instantly placed over a random raid member much like Gehennas' Rain on Fire from Molten Core, the moment it is cast you should immedietly run from it.
If cast in the melee group, the tank will need to reposition the boss. Poison Bolt Volley while very straight forward in what it does much like most Poison Volleys from AQ40
it actually doesn't debuff the entire raid but 10 random raid members within 40 yards. It is resistible, can be cleansed and can be removed with Poison Resistance Potions.
Now 50seconds in the fight Grand Widow Faerlina will Enrage and start making quick work of the main tank, to counter this a designated priest will mind control one of the
Naxxramas Worshipers and bring him on top of Grand Widow Faerlina as she enrages. In his bar there is an ability that will kill the worshiper, remove faerlina's enrage and
silence her Poison Bolt Volley for 30 seconds. Please be advised that the add needs to die AFTER Grand Widow Faerlina has enraged as the Enrage has a 1minute cooldown and
silencing her before the enrage will force another enrage as soon as the silence is off.

Below i will provide a video of the encounter to help you better understand the mechanics.

So to sum it up, What do i do?


-Main Tank: Your job is to pickup the boss and position her around the middle of the circle she starts in, she won't hit you with anything other than auto-attacks. During Rain
of Fire react accordingly if you need to move her if it is ontop of the melee group or threatens you in any way. Enrage will kill you quickly if for any reason the mind control
fails keep some heavy cooldowns so you can hope to survive a couple more swings until the priests have the add under control.
-Offtanks: Your job is depending on the assignment you have. Two tanks will be tanking the Naxxramas Worshipers in the corner of the room at all times, and two tanks/beefydps
tank the Naxxramas Followers at the start of the fight. They will drop off extremely fast and then you can continue with dpsing the boss as normal. Please note that it's not
your job as a tank to bring the Naxxramas Worshiper on top the boss, so you practically just stand still and tank them.


-In this fight there shouldn't be a distinction between raid healers and main tank healers, there will be some aoe dmg from Poison Bolt Volleys that will need to be healed
and debuffs to be cleansed and off-damage from the Rain of Fire but other than that your main concern would be to heal the tanks.


-Melee: Your job at the start is to burst down the Naxxramas Followers, keep in mind that they can be stunned and should be if they are getting out of control. Once the two adds
are dead you can move on to dpsing the boss, there is no cleave so you can position yourself however you like but idealy in a crescent behind her would be best. Watch out for the
Rain of Fire and bandage yourself to support the healers in case there's too much aoe dmg going around.
-Ranged: Your job at the start is also to dps down the Followers. Unlike the melee you can take your space and spread around the room, you can go max range
from the boss but still be in range of the healers, run out of the Rain of Fire and burst the boss down.


-Priest: The first Enrage happens at around 50 seconds in the fight, it is a very distinct animation and slightly enlarges the boss as well. Try to time your mind control
to around 5 second before, take your add on top of the boss and wait for the enrage. Only after she has enraged you can use your sacrifice. That will send the Enrage to a one
minute cooldown and silence the boss correctly, after that your DBM should warn you when enrage is going off CD, ringe and repeat. She should be dead by the time the fourth
enrage is cleansed.

Raid Leader's Tips: Rain of Fire can happen over a priest mind controling, at this point you will need to call healers to save that priest, the mind control cannot be interupted
as the enrage will kill the main tank.
Save your combat res for either the offtanks or the mind controling priest if you cannot afford to assign another priest. The boss isn't tauntable if you lose the main tank
wipe it fast.
There is not much else to call in this fight, it is fairly easy and should be one of the more relaxing encounters in the dungeon.

As always your feedback is more than welcome on any part of the encounter and is vital in helping me continue these guides if you like them.
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