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Hey everyone! Today we are going back to the last boss of the Spider Wing in Naxxramas, Maexxna.


This fight consists of one big 40second cycle of abilities in conjuction with a survivability check for the main tank and a hard enrage. While not a really complicated fight to
understand, we as Alliance have a very significant advantage over Horde should we decide to capitalize it.

40 second cycle:

This is the window where all of the boss's abilities take place and they don't overlap as they are cast on cooldown. Once the 40 second rotation is over it restarts.

-Initial 1-20 seconds: During this time no ability of note is cast by the boss and all dps should focus on getting positioned behind the boss.
-20-30 seconds: Maexxna will toss 3 random raid members towards the wall behind them, once they hit the wall they will be encased in a web cocoon that needs to be dps'd quickly. Please note that during that time you will
not be able to heal these raid members due to them being out of line of sight, but if you time it well and pre-hot and shied them while they are flying to the wall you can give the dps some more time to react.
30-40 seconds: The boss will spawn 8-10 spiders underneath her that need to be aoe'd right away, they act in the same manner as Anub's scarabs and can be cc'd. It is imperative that they die before the 40second mark.
-40 seconds: Maexxna will use Web Spray effectively stunning everyone in the room for 8 seconds and dealing 2k dmg. The timer then resets and a new circle begins, though the second first phase will be 8 seconds short of
dps due to everyone being stunned. The Web Spray cannot be LoS'd or removed with immunity effects. Pre-casting Divine Shield or Ice Block won't work either.

Other Abilities:

-Poison Shock: A frontal cone aoe dealing roughly around 2k dmg. If positioned correctly it should only affect the main tank.
-Necrotic Poison: Reduces healing taken by 90%, there must always be a fresh Abolish Poison on the main tank especially when going into a 40 second mark Web Spray phase as the poison can be cast while the tank and everyone else is stunned.
-Enrage: At 30% the boss will frenzy and start making quick work of the main tank, all big tanking CD's should be kept for this phase if it can be helped. The timing of the enrage should ideally be right after a Web Spray as to avoid
having too many stun cycles with Enrage active on the boss.

Enrage, Druids and Paladins:

As we mentioned before when the 40 second mark happens everyone will be stunned, that includes the main tank. That means the tank in question must be absolutely toped off, cleansed and HoT'd by the most powerful healers in the raid.
They have to survive standing still for 8 seconds without any kind of healing, so planning is key. A fresh abolish just before the Web Spray is also very important as lack of said means of cleansing the Necrotic Poison will render the HoTs
If timed correctly the Enrage will happen at the start of a 40 second cycle and by the end of the 1st enrage cycle the boss should be roughly at 10-20%. The correct tactic to counter the enraged Web Spray is for the main tank to pre-cast
Shield Wall 1-2 seconds before Web Spray and hope to survive with the hots and heals during the stun. This is where the Alliance advantage comes in though. Designated paladins should receive soulstones at the start of the fight, and when
the enraged Web Spray is approaching they should use Divine Intervention to a druid, that will remove the druid from combat and spare them the stun, once it goes off, paladin can use the SS and druid can remove the DI allowing them to heal
the main tank through the enrage, shield wall should still be used, Last Stand and Lifegiving Gem can be kept though in case the dps is low and a 2nd enrage phase happens.

Following is a video of the encounter to help you understand the base mechanics, i couldn't find a proper alliance video that didn't include people screaming so here is a horde one.

So to sum it up, what do i do?


-Main Tank: Your job is to position the boss as shown in the graph above and generate threat, use your shield block on cooldown and try to save your cooldowns for Web Spray phases, if you are not topped at the 40second mark use a minor cd
but not your shield wall as using it will kill you during the enrage Web Spray.
-Offtank: Your job is to stand on top of the melee and aoe taunt the spiders once they spawn or chase down runaway spiders and protect the casters, the boss isn't tauntable so you don't have to worry about it.


-Melee: Position yourselves behind the boss as shown in the graph, not completely stacked but not as loose as to be tossed in a far corner by web wrap. Kill spiders quickly, if you have mobility cds use them and help free cocooned members
during Web Wrap phase and then burn the boss down.
-Ranged: Position yourselves in a similar fashion together with the healers behind the boss. Aoe down the spiderlings and burst down cocoons then burn the boss.


-Druids: Abolish Poison should always be on the main tank at all times, especially when Web Spray is approaching. A little bit of numbercraft should also be done to determine the druid to HoT the tank come the 40second mark.
-Priests: In a similar fashing a designated priest should HoT and another should shield as to not waste time with two globals at the 40second mark. It is also a good idea to spam some low rank heals at the tank to trigger inspiration
as it will be very usefull when they are stunned.
-Paladins: Instantly cleanse the Necrotic Poison and don't wait for it to be droped by the Abolish.


-Warlocks and Paladins: At the start of the fight 2 paladins should be assigned ''kamikaze'' duty, these two will receive Soul Stones. During the enrage phase if you are such a paladin and you are the first one to go, use your Divine
Intervention on the designated druid (if no druid is available atm or all are out of mana use it on a priest) after the stun is performed use your soulstone and spam heal the main tank, there shouldn't be anything alive at the time but if
there are spiderlings still alive from the 30second mark bubble up and keep healing the tank, it is imperative you cleanse the debuff the moment it drops on the boss. If a second enraged Web Spray happens keep in mind that the tank might
melt in 2-3 seconds so keep Lay on Hands available.

Raid Leader's Tips: Your job here is to call out the 40second cycle's events, stay calm and call out each mark as required.
Web Wrap and Spiderlings need to be dead before the 40second mark hits as a combination on either will be almost certain fatalities for the group. Keep in mind that Web Wrap can be removed by the PvP trinket so consider making it mandatory
for this fight. Nature Protection Potions while not required are a good way to help mitigate damage on the raid especially when learning.
Call for dps stop if you are approaching the 30% enrage cap and the cycle is in an ugly moment. It is better to take a normal Web Spray than an enraged one.
Tanks can swap whenever they use their shield walls during initial tries and wipes, the main tank must always have shield wall available.
If no divine intervation is available and you still want to use the death tactic a designated healer can stand infront of the boss and die to Poison Shock receive a combat res and accept after the stun is out.
The boss isn't tauntable, if you lose the tank wipe it fast.

This concludes the Spider Wing, as always your feedback is more than welcome to help me improve these guides also feel free to hit me up online if you have any questions.

Thanks again!

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