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#14429737 Oct 03, 2020 at 11:56 PM
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Hey everyone! Today we move on into the Plague Wing and unto Noth the Plaguebringer. Noth's a fairly easy fight compared to his Spider Wing counterpart, Anub'Rekhan.

Noth the Plaguebringer

This fight splits between a tank and spank phase with a dps drop after every blink and an add phase in witch the boss is invulerable and spawns waves of adds that need to be contained accordingly.

Lets start with the tank and spank phase.
-Blink after every 25 seconds in the room the boss will blink causing a complete aggro wipe, dps need to stop immediately when it is off CD and wait for it to go off much like Twin Emperor's teleport.
The tank assigned to main tanking Noth needs to be the tank with highest aggro burst in the group as they will need to outhreat all of the healing/dots/hots going on at the time of the blink.
-Curse of the Plaguebringer is a curse as the name implies that will be applied to multiple people during the fight that last for 10seconds and at first doesn't have any effect, if however it is not decursed before said 10seconds are off
it will infect the player and 20nearby players with Wrath of the Plaguebringer dealing heavy instant damage and damage over time to everyone afflicted. It is of the utmost importance that the curse is handled in an efficient manner before
it becomes lethal.
-Cripple after every Blink the boss will debuff all melees close to where he blinked off with Cripple slowing their movement and attack speed considerably, while it should be displled from everyone in the raid it is very important
that it is instantly removed from the main taink as it will hinder their aggro-building severely.

There are 3 types of adds spawning from 3 different spawn locations. NW,NE and SW. A tank should be assigned at each corner allowing for faster more efficient handling of the adds. Please note that you don't necessarily need 3 tanks and
a main tank but you can do with 2 corner tanks and the main tank filling the role of corner tank during the add phase. So long as the main tank's corner is the first to be cleared you should never have noth back from the balcony with
the main tank still tanking an add.
-Skeletons every 30 seconds (regardless of what phase you are at) noth will spawn skeletons from the 3 spawn points, they can be cc'd in the same manner as Anub's scarabs and need to be killed off quickly as having too many of them in
addition to other adds can put a heavy load on your healers.

First Teleport
90seconds in the fight noth's first teleport will occur, he will spawn 2 waves of Champions from every spawn points (3 from each x2 so 6 in total). After 70 seconds or after all adds are dead noth will return to the room. Please note that
these adds are vulnerable to shackles and can be controlled by a priest for the entirety of the fight if you deem it necessary and if your dps isn't enough to kill them off by the time noth returns.

Second Teleport
110seconds after the first teleport noth will move himself to the balcony for a second time 2 waves of Champions from each spawn point with the addition of Guardians, these adds tougher than Champions and cannot be CC'd in any manner. At
this point if your raid is struggling with the adds you will need to decide if you will focus down the Guardians and control the Champions via Shackles for the rest of the fight.

Third Teleport
180seconds after the second teleport noth will port again spawning 2 waves of Guardians only. This wave is considerably easier than the last one and should be used to clear out adds if required that are leftover from previous stages of the

After Noth has teleported three times his teleport cycle will restart from the First teleport. Note that Noth should be ideally down just after Second teleport and will only reach third or fourth if there is a serious lack of dps.

Below i will provide a video of the fight to give you a better idea of what's happening.

So to sum it up, What to i do?


-Main Tank: Your job is to pick up the boss after every blink as soon as he casts it, you will need to be able to generate a high amount of threat in small timewindow in order to pull it off as the boss isn't tauntable and if you lose control
it might kill a couple of dps/healers before you regain it. In case you are tanking a corner during balcony phase as well check the Offtank section as well.
-Offtanks: Each will be assigned a corner at the start of the fight, your job will be to control the adds that spawn from there, every 30 seconds skeletons will spawn you can try to keep them out of the ranged until they are dealt with.
After each teleport you will be tanking the bigger adds spawning in each corner if your add is down and there is none coming up you can move to another corner and assist the tank there.


No distinction between tank and raid healers is necessary for this fight however there will be plenty of debuffs around for you to remove with priests and paladins focusing on dispeling the main tank and the rest of the melees after each blink
and the druids/mages decursing during the encounter.


-Melees: This boss lacks any type of aoe so you can position yourselves in any way you please, keep in mind that when the raid leader calls that blink is off CD you will need to drop target and just let him blink only after the tank has
the boss under control can you continue dpsing. Try to leave the skeletons for the ranged but in case one gets close assist in clearing them out. During balcony phase your raid leader will call out a corner to be cleared first and you
will move to said corner, Guardians have priority over Champions as the latter can be shackled or otherwise stunned/feared by paladins.
-Ranged: During ground phase you will need to react in the same manner as the melee, droping dps when blink is happening, a paladin might be able to BoP and save you if you overaggro but it is your personaly responsibility to make sure you
let the tank get aggro. During add phases clear the corner the raid leader calls much like the melee.


Druids and Mages: A large portion of the raid damage will come from the curses the boss will do, it is of the utmost importance that when said curse drops you will need to stop whatever you are doing and remove it. It has a relatively short
duration and could very easily get out of control.

Raid Leader's Tips: Call out when blink is off CD so the dps can stop, your main tank should be able to call out when they have sufficient aggro after said blink so the dps can continue.
Try to moderately call decurses, mages/druids should be able to handle them but incase there is a delay in the removal of the curses you might need to be more active in calling for them.
During balcony phases you will need to call the corners to be cleared, any way it suits you will do, be it clock or counter clockwise keep in mind that if your raid is struggling with the adds you can call for shackles on the Champions for the
entirety of the fight.
Limited Invulerability Potion is an excelent panic button for this fight, if your dps are struggling with stoping dps after the blinks consider making them mandatory.
Defeating the boss does NOT despawn the adds that are up, so clear them up before basking in the purple glow.
The boss isn't tauntable, make it clear to the raid that if they die due to overaggro it's propably their fault.

This concludes the pep talk on Noth the Plaguebringer, as always i am open for suggestions both in comments here and in game on any of the fights, if there is something you think i did wrong or you have a tactic that will better suit
the encounter by all means share it with us.
#14431458 Oct 07, 2020 at 08:16 PM
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i dont wanna be the party pooper but 70% of the guild aint gonna read this wall of text, and those that will read will forget till the hit the raid.

the best way to learn the boss tactics is to go raid on PTR, they just added Naxx today (atm you cant enter) or you can level a char to 80 and raid Naxx on retail
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