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Monolith's Administration

by Ciocan on Jan 09, 2020 at 08:41 PM}
As we are close to finish the first chapter of World of Warcraft Classic and more specific the “Tier 1 Era”, preparations for “Tier 2 Era” has begun with strong will. From a pug that run for two months made up with people that had patience and valued the human aspect of a group, Monolith came to be.
A strong group of individuals with different game experience from some years of instinctive play and others just discovering the key binds, nevertheless the general vibe was always very good and brought in more people over.
Looking forward there are the guild and individual preparations which are key in us triumphing which requires coordination and communication between all of us, as we are all equal important to our community. The mediators of coordination and communication as well rules and procedures are the Monolith Officers and I think we all need to know who are they in order to achieve our goal.

I am please to present in writing the people behind the scenes that will support our guild in its journey:


For any information or any suggestions please ask or inform them. We will be prepared for any future challenge.


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